Capezio N5930 "Quilted"

Capezio 5930 front

turned inside out to show quilting

Capezio 5930 inside
Capezio N5930 - front
Capezio N5930 - inside2
Capezio N5930 - rear

A long-time standard, considered by many professional dancers to be the Cadillac of dance belts, especially for performance.  The cotton/poly quilted lining rounds out the bulge lines and offers some minor protection from contact injuries. The no-stretch pouch offers an extra firm fit.  Above the pouch a no-stretch cotton panel connects to the 3½" wide elastic waistband, which supports the lower back to aid in partner lifts, but is not covered by fabric.  The raw elastic can pinch and irritate sensitive skin.  It's also pretty industrial looking.  The narrow thong has just a tiny bit of stretch to accommodate movement.

Waistband roll-over can be a problem, due to the unstructured cotton panel above the pouch.  Seams in this area can pucker and show through white tights, making it obvious what kind of dance belt is being worn.

90% cotton/10% Lycra

Historically, Capezio has had sizing problems.  I have 2 quilted Capezios claimed to be the same size that have a 3" variance of un-stretched waistband elastic between them.  That makes online purchases risky at best!  Recently Capezio added an "N" designation ("New"?) to their model numbers.  Hopefully that means better quality control in the sizing department.

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