Harmonie - r. i. p.

In my many years as a dance student, performer, and teacher I've frequently dealt with questions from new guys facing the challenges of comfortably wearing tights and a dance belt.  I finally formalized this and took my advice online as "Doctor Dancebelt " on AOL. Over the years, I emailed and IMed with many fine folks and found my advice was valued (as well as plagiarized and copied to many other sites).

AOL eventually shot itself in the foot and is now an irrelevant dead end on the information super highway.  But also during that time Harmonie dance belts came on the scene, providing products with a comfort factor far higher than anything previously available.  That made a lot of Doctor Dancebelt's advice and wise counsel unnecessary.  Many queries could be simply answered with "Buy a Harmonie dance belt".

Early in 2010, Capezio - the parent company of Harmonie - decided to discontinue the
HM10B "Relaxed Fit" dance belt, which had become my personal favorite for everyday class and teaching.   My dancewear retail sources tell me Harmonie dance belts were extremely popular and they don't understand the corporate reasoning.  

At least the HM11BP "Impact" survived - now rebranded as the
Capezio model 5936.  With its structured, padded pouch, it remains a favorite for performance wear, especially under white tights.

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