Body Wrappers M006 - wide waist Probelt

Introduced in 2014, the Body Wrappers ProBelt line combines superior support with all-day comfort.  Available in both 2” waistband and 4” models.  The narrow band model is a hip hugging design that doesn’t pop out of the top of rolled tights, so it’s perfect for shirt-free days.  The wide band is a full 4”, which means it not only offers extra back support, but slims your belly under short performance tunics.

88% polyester/12% spandex

Both models feature the same 3 layer pouch.  The inner layer has a vertical center seam to form the pouch shape and  lock in penis orientation, which it does well. The middle foam layer is extremely flexible.  It is totally unseamed, as is the outer fabric layer which enhances smoothness of the presentation.  The result is a perfect 'Ken Doll' bulge with excellent invisibility under tights.  In my wearing experience, it is the absolute best at keeping you locked in place.

A unique feature of the Body Wrappers pouch design is that the pouch edges float away from your body to prevent chafing and friction.

The thong takes advantage of modern fabrics - stretching a full 3” while maintaining full support of the pouch bottom.

Rather than use arbitrary S M L sizing, Body Wrappers uses real waist sizes, which seem accurate.  With sizes down to 24” waist, this dance belt can accommodate younger dancers’ needs.

Although the Body Wrappers offers ballet performance level support, it is comfortable enough for costume use. Bonus for dance belt novices: the packaging includes wearing instructions - authored by me - with a link to Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide.

Body Wrappers website

Asher Taylor-Dawson’s review of the Body Wrappers M006

from online store reviews:

Julie H’s 15 year old son likes it:    He has tried MANY dance belts before, but there has always been a problem of proper fit. UNTIL...we came across the ProBelt Classic with 4’’ Waistband. Great fit and we dry it in the dryer without any shrinkage. Only purchased one for him so he could try it out, but will definitely order a few more soon

ShopperNow:    Great fit and support.  Highly recommend

Amazon Customer:     This belt is very comfortable.  No pinching, with abs control and the thong strap does not hurt the buttocks

LLisbon:     This dance belt is very stiff but fits well and the quality is great. I will definitely buy another one in the future. I thought the high waist would bother me but it actually smooths everything out nicely, leaving clean smooth lines. It makes everything look awesome and it is very comfortable!

JM is not a fan:     The nearly flat non-contoured pouch front does little of anything in regards to providing coverage and or support. With moderate movement the privates start dropping out of the sides and leave for awkward moments having to re-position everything within again and again. The high waist band is the only quality feature of these.

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