After enduring uncomfortable dance belts for his entire school and professional dance career, Tom Kilps, First Soloist at Texas Ballet Theatre got fed up and decided he could do better by designing his own.  He produced the first prototypes on his mother’s sewing machine, and Dance Jox was born.  

Now professionally sewn in the U.S.A., Dance Jox features the softest fabric-covered waistband of all dance belts, with an incredible 5” stretch in thong length (which means driving to class or sitting in a chair won’t slice you in half).  The 2.5” seamless waistband is wide enough to support without cutting, but narrow enough to wear shirtless. 

88% nylon/12% spandex 

The pouch is constructed of 4-way stretch fabric inner/outer layers over a foam middle layer.  A vertical seam orients the penis properly into an upright and locked position.  The seam extends through all 3 layers to prevent the foam from shifting.  Since it runs right up the center of the pouch, the seam shows through thin tights.  

The Dance Jox dance belt is sold exclusively through the manufacturer’s web store.  Frequently out-of-stock in popular sizes.

Dance Jox website

Brandon Scott reviews DanceJox

online reviews:

Tracie’s son likes his:     My son has been very happy with their product. He isn’t bothered by wearing the dance belt now and spends about six hours a day wearing it for classes and rehearsals. He no longer has to worry about changing in and out of his dance clothes in between classes or when he takes a lunch break, etc

n2js says they stand up to wear:     I’ve now been wearing my 2 DanceJox dance belts daily for 5 months of fitness activities. They’ve stood up admirably to the constant laundering and wear I’ve subjected them to, which is noteworthy since they quickly became my go-to workout supports. I no longer wear any others. They are still soft and comfortable and have not shrunk or stretched. The fabric is durable and the seams are all intact. I machine wash mine, but air dry them.

Vincent is a fan:     Ok, I have put this off for about a month because I thought I would find something wrong with them in that time. Amazingly, I did not!

So guys, boys, parents buying for your sons, there is a dance belt that not only doesn’t cause pain, but is also insanely comfortable. I ordered two to start with as I only have two classes a week. The day they arrived I immediately tried one on. I spent the rest of my normal day in it, and forgot I was wearing it and ended up spending the night in it. (Might I also add that its contents had not moved from where I had put them.) Even for every day activities I’d say it is more comfortable than my normal underwear, but that’s just me.

When the day came for class, I was excited! As before, I completely forgot I had a dance belt on. No adjusting or repositioning was required. No sensation of being sawed in half through your crack. It was literally the best class I have ever had, completely worry/pain free (in the rear that is, the rest of me still burns: such is ballet). Every class since then has been just as awesome!

A few comments on the actual product. It is very soft and can be machine washed, but hang dry. The rear strap is a bit wider than a Capezio’s, though much thinner material and yet more durable. The waistband is flexible and stretchy, but does not fold over and is short enough that it only just peeks above pants height. The instructions/size tag is in the middle of the back on the band. I have not noticed it during wear, so I have not removed it.

Now the pouch. The pouch has been noticed by the rest of my class (all females). It hides definition better than my old belt; however, it makes my bulge look Much bigger!

Caution: may cause you to think you are more well-endowed than you actually are.

There is seam on the front of the pouch. Some people may find that an issue. The front seam of my tights hides it for me.
As a sizing reference, I am 5’10” 165lbs with a 32” waist (average build, neither thin or thick) and a large fits me perfectly.
It is worth noting that if you are not a dancer, but are male and involved in any activity that requires tight clothing, this dance belt is also a recommend: biking, riding, gymnastics, cosplay…


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