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Wearing a dance belt has actually become a rather comfortable experience to me since I bought my Dance Jox.  As a university dance student I was suffering through long hours stuck in a dance belt.  As long as I put it on properly (Dr. Dancebelt has the best guide for wearing one) the Dance Jox can be practically unnoticeable.  I've worn a few Capezio dance belts in the past; full seat, quilted and one I'm told is an old Harmonie model.  The Dance Jox dance belt is better than any of those by leaps and bounds in all aspects.

To start with the Dance Jox dance belt shapes everything very well.  I was honestly impressed with myself when I first put tights on over this dance belt.  Beyond looks this dance belt is all about function.  The thong is made of a very light-weight, breathable and stretchable fabric.  Other dance belts I have worn have a much thicker thong, which in my opinion feels like a rope. 

The front of this dance belt is made from two panels as opposed to most others only having one.  I feel this is a perfect design aspect.  My idea is that this helps distribute the forward pressure of your genitals which normally would cause the discomfort in the thong.  At first glance the center seam made by these two panels looks to be a major problem in appearance.  Man was I wrong!  In my thinnest tights (Yumiko) the seam is not noticeable, so go ahead and put that worry out of your mind.  Dancing while wearing this dance belt is great.  I can only recall one time when it shifted out of place, but even then the dance belt did its job and was perfectly comfortable.

My only real gripe with this dance belt is that if you do not wear it perfectly you might have some cloth bunched up at the very bottom of the front panel, which can sometimes be seen when wearing tights.  However, when I have taken the extra couple of seconds to adjust the dance belt properly this is not a problem.  If there were one thing I would love to see in a future model it would be the same thing I want in every dance belt, for these things to breathe.  There is nothing worse than the disgusting sweat-coated feeling I have when I take a dance belt off.  As far as breathability is concerned this dance belt is no different from any others I have tried.

The decision to wear this dance belt should be easy for anyone.  It is made by a fellow male dancer who understands our dance belt struggle and searched to find a resolution.  Dance Jox actually cares about the experience of its users and has made the definitive undergarment for dancers. 

As far as sizing, in my experience it is accurate.  The sizing chart on the website says large should fit people with a 32”-34” waist.  I am 6'2”, 170lb, have a 32” waist, and it fits perfect. 

Previously wearing a dance belt for any extended amount of time was not unbearable but I definitely did not look forward to it.  With the Dance Jox dance belt I can wear it as comfortably as any other typical undergarment without a second thought.  I will without a doubt be ordering more of these down the road.  I thought I wanted to try a few dance belts to find which will be best, but I am afraid that if I am to buy another one it just will not measure up to the quality found in the Dance Jox dance belt.  This dance belt is something I feel everyone needs to experience.  It may not be for everyone but it definitely is for me.   

Brandon Scott

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