Body Wrappers M001


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Body Wrappers

This is almost identical in design to Capezio's N26, offering light duty support suitable for everyday class.  The 2⅜" wide elastic waistband is covered with cotton/Lycra fabric.  It only wraps halfway around, allowing extended pouch height in front.  

Unlike padded and quilted dance belts which have a structured pouch design, the front is a simple double layer of the same sweat-absorbent cotton/Lycra, darted at the bottom to form a pouch.  The thong is made from the same stretchable fabric.

Not recommended for partner lifts.

88% cotton/12% spandex

I have a 32" waist and almost always wear size L dance belts, so that's what size Body Wrappers I bought to test.  Their size charts indicate this size should be correct.   But this dance belt is so small not only couldn't I wear it, but it wouldn't even fit onto my mannequin for pictures!  

Unstretched, the waistband is about 25" in diameter, 30" stretched to the max.  

Body Wrappers problem 3

Since I don't really like my Capezio N26, and can't wrap my head around needing anything sized XL, I probably won't spend any more money buying another Body Wrappers to review, hoping to get the right size.

As always, if you are a fan of Body Wrappers, please send me your impressions, which will be included as a contrary opinion.

UPDATE May 2014: Body Wrappers has decided to re-size this model as a result of my review.  Stand by for further details.

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