WearMoi  WM206 wide-waistband

WearMoi - side
WearMoi - rear
WearMoi - front

Excellent for partnering and performance, the wide-waistband WearMoi features a 3" "soft touch" uncovered elastic full circumference waistband and a stretchable thong.  

The pouch contains a substantial foam cup inner-liner that completely smooths out all anatomical detail and provides minor impact protection.  If you are looking for an idealized "Ken Doll" large round mound look in tights, this is the dance belt for you.

A European import, WearMoi was started in 1992 by a husband/wife team - both former professional dancers.

91% cotton/9% Elastene (Spandex)

Online retailer boysdancetoo advertises that WearMoi is "The best dance belt available.  The wide elastic band is outrageously soft. The cup has a soft interlining padding that provides support, comfort and a good look under tights.  The thong is thin, flexible and as comfortable as a men’s thong can get."

However, in my experience, the T-shaped seam near the bottom of the pouch can be incredibly stiff and annoying, unless you make sure to place it properly (which I learned the hard way).  It joins far too many pieces of fabric and inner-lining to smoothly sit between your legs.  Adjust by pulling the whole pouch forward to move the seam out of the danger zone.  With that adjustment done, this dance belt qualifies as one of the most comfortable ever created.

WearMoi model wide

The pouch is also right on the cusp of being too small, without enough vertical room to accommodate an up-facing penis.  I'm going to make an exception to my policy of illustrating this website with mannequins to illustrate how a penis can protrude above the pouch, into the waistband.  The picture is from a WearMoi's online catalog, so presumably they feel this is acceptable positioning.  If I was wearing it that way, I'd complain.

WearMoi problem 2

I frequently cut labels out of dancewear.  For instance, MStevens tights have one that is mid way down the rear seam.  If you don't remove it, it tickles!  

But this label placement is even worse - something important goes there.  A pair of sharp scissors solves the problem.

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