WearMoi  WM08 narrow-waistband

Wear Moi narrow - ¾ side
Wear Moi narrow - rear
Wear Moi narrow - front

Wearing tights without a shirt and don't want your dance belt to show?  Then the WearMoi narrow waistband is for you.  Like its 3" wide waistband cousin, it's designed to make you look good in tights.  If you are looking for the most idealized "Ken Doll" large round mound, you can rest assured no details of what's really underneath will ever reveal themselves.  

The pouch features the same substantial foam cup inner-liner for a totally rounded look under tights and minor impact protection.  The 1½" "soft touch" elastic full circumference waistband doesn't provide any back support, so you should choose the wide waistband model if you're doing partner lifts.

91% cotton/9% Elastane (Spandex).  

Turned inside-out.  The seam looks evil!


Comfort note: The T-shaped seam near the bottom of the pouch can be incredibly stiff and annoying if it ends up between your legs right at the perineum.    It joins far too many pieces of fabric and inner-lining to smoothly sit without rubbing.  Adjusting it by pulling the whole pouch forward moves the seam out of the danger zone.  Once done this dance belt qualifies as one of the most comfortable.

A bad place to put the label - something important goes there!

WearMoi problem 1

I recommend cutting the label out with sharp scissors prior to use.

Online retailers boysdancetoo  and Dance Distributors offer this model in boy's sizes 8/10 and 10/12.

WearMoi USA website & online store

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