Bloch B3124 'seamless'

Bloch b3124-2
Bloch seamless padded DB
Bloch b3124 art

Mostly seamless construction creates a smooth, nearly undetectable appearance.  This dance belt does a superior job of hiding under tights.  Narrow 1⅝" waistband. Made of unstructured stretch fabric for optimum comfort.  Thick padding in the pouch to hide anatomical details.

"Softel": 90% nylon/10% spandex

My disastrous experience with the Bloch B3914 made me gun-shy of spending money on another Bloch, but since several readers who wear these urged me to, I did.  Here are my impressions:

It's better than the B3914, but it's so stretchy it barely qualifies as a dance belt.  Minimal support.  Entrachats put the boys at risk.

It is comfortable however, so if you just need something to wear under a spandex costume and don't want a dance belt's technical features that lock you in place during ballet movement, this would be a valid choice.

Bloch has attempted to combine sizes and offers this in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.  Size charts indicate the larger size for my 32" waist, but I found the L/XL to be too big.

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