Capezio 5936 (formerly Harmonie HM11BP 'Impact')

Harmonie HM11BP - side 2
Harmonie HM11BP - rear
Harmonie HM11BP - front

Capezio’s top-rated dance belt.  A double layer pouch covers a ⅛" thick molded fabric inner-liner for extra firm support, protection, and contour smoothing.  Held up by a 2" fabric-covered elastic waistband that goes around the entire circumference.  

Even under white tights, the Capezio 5936 doesn't show due to its minimal seams, making it an excellent choice for performances.  The stretchable thong is slightly wider than other designs with a smooth transition from the waistband into the thong, which enhances comfort.  

86% polyester/14% spandex

Capezio is to be commended for keeping this dance belt when they killed off the rest of the Harmonie line.  Capezio advertises that this dance belt has "an invisible molded cup".  Some dancers have purchased it thinking that means it has something similar to an athletic cup designed to stop baseballs and hockey pucks, when in reality it refers to the padded inner liner.  

Trust me, there is no room in a pair of dance tights to hide a sports cup!  If you need protection from errant knees when your partner is doing finger fouettés, either learn how to stand so she hits your hip, or get a better partner.

      the "invisible molded cup"

Harmonie HM11BP - padding

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Here is what others have said about the Capezio 5936:

"BalletDude", a professional dancer says it runs large:     This dance belt has a very comfortable fit and leaves a smooth line and finish - perfect for performance, especially when wearing white tights.

"San Francisco runner" likes it:   hides details under leggings/tights while comfortably holding you very firm (zero bounce) while not being too hot during a long run. This belt can be worn all day, everyday. Try this dance belt first - spend the few dollars extra - it's worth it. 

“Costumer” says:  I've only worn this dance belt a few times while costuming in a spandex unitard as a super hero. It is comfortable, although I'm still getting used to wearing a thong. The padding and molded cup hides my contours very well. This dance belt is great for costuming.

“John L”:     This is the *only* dance belt that actually keeps size, elasticity, support, etc. Also, the padding is not only helpful for additional support but also for hiding lines when wearing light colored tights.

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