Capezio N26 Cotton/Lycra

Capezio 26 front
Capezio 26 rear
Capezio 26 front white

This is Capezio's most basic dance belt, offering light duty support suitable for everyday class.  The 2½" wide elastic waistband is covered with cotton/Lycra fabric.  It only wraps halfway around, allowing extended pouch height.  

Unlike padded and quilted dance belts which have a structured pouch design, the front is a simple double layer of the same sweat-absorbent cotton/Lycra, darted at the bottom to form a pouch.  The thong is made from the same stretchable fabric.

Not recommended for partner lifts.

Doesn't smooth the bulge enough for performance.

90% cotton/10% Lycra

With typical Capezio attention to size, some N26s have thongs that are too long in relationship to pouch length, while on other dance belts the same size they're too short, making it hard to get the pouch bottom to fit properly.  

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"Jordan" dances with a youth company in Southern California.  He's been a fan of Capezio dance belts for his entire 8 year career.  He likes both their Quilted and Cotton models, and reviews & compares both.  Picking up from where his review of the Capezio Quilted leaves off, here's what he has to say about the N26:

Capezio Cotton (N26) Pros:
The Cotton Dance belt is the perfect combination of medium support and comfort. It is not designed to be as heavily supportive as the Quilted. This dance belt is perfect for costumes that require you to be seamless. This item is perfect for wearing under thin tights and unitards.

I am currently in rehearsal for a contemporary ballet where I don’t stop dancing for 45 minutes. And guess what I have to wear for the ballet.  - Yes, a unitard, which reveals exactly what you are wearing under it. This dance belt is my choice for its support and non-bulky look. The Cotton model is definitely softer than the quilted. The audience will see more of the shape of your business through this dance belt.  

Cotton Cons:
The height of the waist band on the Cotton is substantially smaller than the quilted. It doesn’t allow for as much cover. The support is greatly sacrificed compared to the Quilted. I would not recommend this belt for a pas de deux class, but for a well-rehearsed performance it should be fine.  The pouch fabric is not very thick, making the shape of your package obvious, which isn’t what we normally attempt to show.  
But, all in all, this can be more flattering in the long run.

From online store reviews, here is what others have said about the Capezio Cotton:

"VDancer" from San Diego:     I got a small for my 29" waist.  It keeps everything in place. However, the lining in the front digs into my skin and an elastic piece on the inside comes out at the top. Over time it begins to hurt. I typically wear it for 2-3 hours at a time and after about 2.5 hours, the lining starts to itch and feel uncomfortable, but this is probably because I got a size too small. I would recommend it if you can deal with the itchiness after wearing it for a prolonged period of time. 

 "Joseph":      I have about a 29 inch waist and I ordered the medium size and it fits great. The back thong gets a little uncomfortable but hey, it is a dance belt after all. Very good quality, durable and long lasting. I used my first for about a year and a half.  I still have it and it is in great condition.

“TSutz16”:     Very comfortable, as far as dance belts go. The material is soft and stretchy, but also holds things in place. Great product, would definitely recommend it.However, as far as sizing is concerned, go one size up. I originally ordered a large and had to return it for an XL because it was too small.

“Liam”:     This is a good quality dance belt, but it's very small. For casual wear (a few hours at most) it's fine, but when you're teaching/training all day the constriction and chafing get painful. Particularly in the butt strap and lack of pouch.

“Nano”:  It was perfect for the production of CATS that I'm in. I can dance for literally hours and I never have to worry about uncomfortable landings from a leap. Safe, secure, and reliable!

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