discontinued - Harmonie HM10B 'Relaxed Fit'

Harmonie HM10B - side2
Harmonie HM10B - front
Harmonie HM10B - rear

Now discontinued but still available in some stores, this Harmonie combines 6-way stretch with compression, creating a comfortable dance belt that still provides decent support.  

It features a 360 degree (full circumference) elastic waistband to hold it up.  The waistband is covered by the same piece of stretch poly/Lycra that extends down to form the outer layer of the pouch.  

The double fabric layer pouch depends on compression to keep everything in place, minimizing slippage, while tending to flatten the bulge.  Minimal seams help hide it under tights.  Features a slightly wider thong than most.

66% nylon/17% polyester/15% Lycra

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