Dance Belt Design

Imagine the challenge faced by dance belt designers to come up with something that deals with these design parameters: 
     Physiology – The male genitals must be kept out of harm’s way. 5th position, beats, and sautés changement can crush an errant testicle left hanging below the crotch line. The testicles must be solidly supported to avoid bouncing and clanging during leaps. The penis must be tightly controlled. Tight fabric must not restrict nor inhibit movement of active muscles in the trunk and legs like the gluteus, hamstrings, abductors, etc.
     Comfort – Anything as controlling and tight as a dance belt will never be confused with a pair of silk boxers, but it must be comfortable enough to be worn for several hours of classes, rehearsals, and performance.
     Appearance - A dance belt should be as close to invisible as possible under tights. The inevitable male bulge should be smoothed out and not embarrassing. And once it’s on and adjusted, nothing should move inside the dance belt, regardless of the stretching, leaping, and contortions the dancer engages in.

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